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Staying in our ethno house

We can feel the welcoming Kratovo atmosphere right away since we will enter the Shancheva house. Everywhere is covered by the most beautiful handmade carpets with beautiful folklore design. Right on the left side of the wall the old photos catch our eyes, we can see on them the previous owners of the house. Than a small altar in the house of St.Georgi Kratovski as a protector of the house, which is bringing more warmth, love and trust in the house for their visitors to feel. The rooms in the house are all arranged in authentically style for representing warm and family house. The visitor is captured by the aromatic scents and the colors in the house which are authentic with the ones from the past times. In the house there is a tea room where the guests can have a cup of different kinds of teas, all aromatic and some of them as medical cure mixed with natural honey from the Kratovo region. There is a big choice of tea plants as mint, wild thyme tea, St. John's wort tea, than teas from plants so called noktec, povecherka, ajduchka grass tea, etc...Than you can reach the second floor by the old ancient wooden stairs covered by the colorful handmade carpets. The hallway leads to the guests bedrooms. The antique furniture as the old stoves, the big wooden table covered by the handmade cloth, and hanged old-fashioned ancient clothes. In the corner there is a old wooden baby cradle which make the interior more happier and positive. How many secrets is hiding this house who knows?

Every single part of it  breath and spreading some kind of secretive happiness from which the soul can shake. Anyone can wish to be born in the house like this one. There is no words to explain the feelings about the place.

There is a things that  cannot be expressed by words easily. Even the words are not enough sometimes. The view from the balcony of the house is showing the small kingdom of Kratovo city and you can enjoy in the luxury views filled with different colours, sounds and smells. The things that we can find and read in the historical books or stories we used to hear for the past and the life than, which our grandparents told us, we can find in Shancheva house.: homemade wine, homemade food, a cup of tea for good health, a cup of coffee served with lokum (Turkish delight), or jam of cherries with a glass of water served with lots of love wishing you a welcome. Almost in every part of Shancheva house you can notice a big love and care of the family Donevski, keeping the tradition wishing to the guests welcoming and warm stay while they are in the house to have a nice and pleasant staying. Sometimes the guests are coming back again wanting to feel the friendly and home atmosphere, coming back as a long time friends happy to see again their hosts friends. They are happy all of them as well the house. The smiles and happiness of the visitors can tell everything. Every visitor is leaving the Shancheva house with a promise that they will come again. So this is why Shancheva house is beautiful in all seasons and always. With love!


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