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Visitor with leziped ( bike that you can ride in lying position)

Among the visitors of the Shancheva house is also one adventurer who is traveling across the Macedonia with his lying bike ( leziped ). While his visit in Kratovo he was staying in Shancheva house and here are some of his impression.

I was happy that I’m in Kratovo, its absolutely unknown city to me, Iwe never been there, I didn’t had much time until gets dark but I was trying to see as much as I can. I was in a hurry and I didn’t pay attention on each object separately, and in the case with Kratovo it’s not good. Mixed emotions.

The position of the houses, streets and buildings, the feeling to be among them is beautiful, amazing. The only one thing I didn’t like it was the keeping the city clean. You can see the city once was rich with citizens and treasures. Now at least I feel that way is a little bit forbidden. Front side of the houses, streets, infrastructure, etc. they are all not changed with years. Everything is like half-way changed, half not. Electrical infrastructure is the worse, there is no photo taken without seeing a wires hanging around.

For diner I had Kratovska  Pastrmajka with smoked meat, and I went home to rest. And that place where I was staying is a story for itself.

The Shancheva house, old more than 300 years, recently renovated from outside. It is used like a Hostel for passing by visitors, who wants to feel the way of life in ancient Kratovo. The inside interior is uniqe. The smell, the sounds of ancient stairs, doors, windows. Its all from another time, from another life.

I was so happy for staying that night in that house, well while I we been told that I will be alone in the house. All alone, hmm. In the house  300 years old! Who knows what kind of sounds and noise I will be hearing that night in the house. It was almost 10 o' clock, and I was preparing for going to bed. The phone ranged. They informed me that someone is coming in the house too, for overnight. Two more people, workers who worked on a facade of a church. Eh, I was not pleased that I was not alone in the house. I fall asleep.

I get up early because I had that day for driving almost 130 km. I was happy that morning. It was cold, but i had the most beautiful tour around in the Shancheva house.

I cant explained the pleasure of a coffee man like me, to drink coffee so early in the morning in the kitchen like this. Since I opened the door I felt the smell of tea, Turkish coffee, fresh mint, aromatic salt (k'cana sol). Beautiful smell of a wooden flor, ancient furniture, centuries. All beautiful things.

I pour coffee and I was checking the traveling route for that day. While I was drinking the coffee I was checking the updates of Snezana Radojchich who drives this days across Nepal, Annapurna. I was comparing her move with mine micro routes. Alone, on the road. I was thinking. I said bye to Kratovo.


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