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History of Ethno House

We don’t know for sure when was the Gjurgjincheva house build, but we think is more than 300 years old., and until now is only a few times renovated. Today among the citizens is known as the Shancheva house named by the one of her ex owners, a lady called Shana, that means beautiful, modern lady. Today one of the previous owners Mrs. Olga Gjurgjincheva doesn’t remember how old the house is, but she is saying that is build by the grandfather of her father and she is remembering the life full with love in this house, and in the Kratovo city. She also is remembering that her grandfather Mr. Haralampie Gjurgjinchev was a textile trader bringing the textile from Thessaloniki and Dubrovnik. And that’s way her grandmother Mrs. Aleksandra G. was very modern and lady with style wearing luxury dresses design by her from a different kind of abroad textiles and furs, also leathers. So that’s why they called her Shana which on Kratovo's dialect means : beautiful and well dressed modern lady.

So the house is named by her, Shancheva house. It was the most beautiful house in Kratovo she says, there was two balconies. She also said that her grandmother and mother were decorating the house with handmade carpets and curtains and lots of other handmade stuff. They used beautiful designs for decorating them as well from Thessaloniki.


The house had a big guest saloon and the beds in the bedrooms were made from iron. In the basement there is a well ,which is actually exit of a tunnel who comes all the way from the place called Alimanci -said the 77 years old retired teacher Olga. She is born in this house and also her daughter Jordanka. Than the family moved to Skopje in 1957., but she often comes to visit her birth town and reminding herself of all the beautiful childhood memories while living in the Shancheva house. She said as well that the house had a beautiful garden full of flowers and all around the bench was a beautiful wild plant tree called Bagrem with pink flowers. She said that her father also planted that beautiful plant in the garden in their family house in Skopje too. She also planted in her house in Dojran. She remembering they arranged all their gardens in their other houses by the way was arranged the garden in their birth house in Kratovo. She collect all of the handmade stuff by her mother and her grandmother with her in her new home, because of the emotional attachment with the stuff.


The brother of her grandfather was in a revolutionary movement and that’s way he had to hide away from the Turks and he runaway in Bulgaria. Today one of his descendants Ivan Gjurgjinchev in '90 was the mayor of the city of Kustendil in Bulgaria. The family is also very proud of the fresco painting in the church of St.Jovan Pretecha in Kratovo given as a gift to the church by the grandfather Mr. Haralampie Gjurgjinchev. All the history of the family Gjurgjinchevi and all the memories are well preserved in the archives which are very good representing the Kratovo's city culture and its tradition. Now the new owner of the house Mr. Stevche Donevski is having the role he said of presenting that beautiful history of the Kratovo city and the people who proudly lived in this remarkable city of ancient times.
He said he bought the Shancheva house in 2009 from the previous owners with long family history in the Kratovo's city, the Gjurgjinchevi family.
The visitors can come here to visit Kratovo city and they can have an overnight stay in Shancheva house and as well they can feel like at home preparing traditional ajvar ,jam and pindjur. Our main goal is to promote Macedonia. When the tour guides ask what is important to be seen ,we said: our folklore ,traditional food, handmade things, and many other amazing stuff. One of the most important region for developing alternative tourism in the country is Kratovo, with all its specific values-said Mr. Vlado Srbinovski from the Balkan association for alternative tourism named "Balkanija". He also said that he think that Kratovo deserving to be a city museum. We need to make an effort to make a little more arrangements to achieve that. He said: I often compare Kratovo with the city of Trogir in Croatia, because of its similarities of potencial, said Mr. Naser Hot adviser in the agency for promotion and tourism support. Tourism these days can be one of the most profitable economic branches. As well and the citizens of Kratovo realizing that they can have decent income from the alternative tourism in Kratovo.




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