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Ethno House Shancheva

Shancheva house, one of the most beautiful old town ancient buildings in Kratovo, is the first etno house in the Osogovo region. The new owner Mr. Stevche Donevski was renovating this architectural masterpiece which is old more than 300 years, keeping the original building style and look of the typical Kratovo city house , by which is famous this ancient city. The main purpose of the etno house is that the visitors can feel the welcoming home atmosphere, with the opportunity to prepare by them self traditional Kratovo's food.  Our Motto is:


Shancheva house is named by the lady ex owner of the house. She was named Shana which on Kratovo dialect means beautiful, modern and lady with beautiful style. This house was visited by the lots of tour guides of Canada and USA. They came all the way across the ocean with a big group of tourists. Shancheva house is in the old part of the city near the Sreska tower. With its reconstruction nothing is changed from outside look and inside interior. The well recognized architecture and indoor style remained untouched. Only its authentic looks are valorized, so the visitors can feel the ancient spirit of the Kratovo city and its way of life. The house is not typical commercial installation with special standards, but is a hostable accommodation where the guests can feel traditional hospitability with feeling that they are guests in someone' s home.


Old antiques are exposed all around the house decorating all the rooms and corridors of the house. There is a also a wine basement where beside the Kratovo wine and rakija, you can find lots of historical documents and archives from the rich Kratovo historical inheritance. Visitors during their staying can also prepare the Macedonian traditional foods which are on the menu of the house.


The house already had the first guests from abroad while was not yet completely renovated. They were exited from the ancient history of Kratovo, medieval towers and bridges, as well and ancient old town architecture. The owner said that the some of them were enjoying preparing the home made jam of figs and grappes, special Macedonian traditional foods called pindjur and lutenica as well k'cana sol (home made aromatic salt),. all of these are very old Macedonian specialities. Among those visitors were as well Mr.Brayan and Mrs. Raichel Williams from England. They say that they will never forget the amazing stay and food in Kratovo. As the one of the most beautiful moments of their journey in our country and they will recommend to all of their friends to come here.




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