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Our Ethno Collection

Etno house Shancheva is settled in the center of the Kratovo city in the most beautiful area called Skopska maala, hidden between the old streets proudly tower up Shancheva house build in 1921. Settled near the old towers and with its looks take us in the past times who are way behind us. Its door is widely opened for its visitors to come and with their curiosity to feel the spirit of the way of living of the family who lived in the Shanceva house in the past and to feel the beautiful energy of the warm and friendly Kratovo language. Curious eyes of the visitors of Shanceva house awakening the soul to revive the past moments of its life in the past.


The gate is open and the garden is wide and there is a big space to welcome all the good-intended visitors accidently or not on the way to visit the Shancheva ethno house. The hospitality and caring attitude of the hosts of the house are noticeable in the well arranged interior space which is very pleasant place for the visitors and to share their new experiences during the staying there. The visitors can meet the house cats as well and feel their hospitality, caddling around the feet of the visitors they kindly and gently asking you for attention and waiting you to caddle them. Among them you can meet the bigest and most beautiful male-cat Mecho, who is happy to be caddled by the visitors showing them who's the most important host in the house.


In the bottom floor of the house is settled exhibition desk of the family wine-producing old basement. Behind the opened old wooden door are hidden thousands old household things which are very careful and with love collected and well preserved. The basement is full of antiquities and things of big value carrying along with them collective and emotional mark stamped with destiny. There you can find: wine barrels and rakija (traditional drink made from different fruits mixed with dose of alcohol.), lots of different kinds of handcraft tools used by the old craftsman workers from the past times through the history of the remarkable city of Kratovo (marvelous ancient Royal city, cradle of the golden coins of the Ottoman Empire). Also you can see there a whole big treasure of  things of the old household, old barrels, lots of steel and ceramics objects, horse shoes, ancient libras, tools for earth cultivating, handmade wooden baskets, leathers, old coins, old photos, mining stones and a lots of others interesting old antique things.  Among the all of them is also the wheel called-kolesnik-as a witness of time running fast through the past and continuing to run in the future and its modern way living generations. All this collections of antiques are there to encouraged us that we should be proud of the roots of our ancestors. Of course, here the biggest role is having the host and owner of the ethno Shancheva house Mr. Stevche Donevski, who is always willing to tell the interesting stories connected to the things and to keep the precious meaning of the old words helping to not be forgotten as some of them are: kuskia, pirustia, z'mba, santrach, utia, trevonche, bukla, sajak, chekrk, verigi, klashna...





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