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Kings Bridge

The legend for this Kings (Charshiski-promenade or public) bridge was very well known and keeped like a story which was narrate by the old Kratovo citizen Mr. Kiro Kalugerot( Monk) the shoemaker, but Mr. Stevche Donevski was written down the story, and we are publishing to you as one of the  treasures for the ancient Kratovo. Far ago about more than 200 years ,when Kratovo was yet ruled by the Ottomans, in the city arrived the Ottoman King( Sultan) along with all his royal escort. He visited the other cities as well as Shtip, Zletovo, Lesnovo but also he wanted to visit the well prosperity city of Kratovo. A lots of citizens of Kratovo meet him when he arrived in the city, Muslims and Christians, influential people, they make a big feast also bringing the honey and wine, hopping that the King will be satisfied and he will leave something as a mark to the city of Kratovo, so the city will have something Royal as a prove that the Sultan was here. The Ottoman King walk through the city and meet all the shop owners. While he was walking around the city he saw one lady walking down on the very old wooden bridge with her horse carrying barrels with cheese and other stuff maden from milk. The King decided to ask the lady what to leave as a Royal mark to the city, than she replied that it would be nice the city to have a new and better bridge, because the old one is wooden and not safe for crossing over. The Sultan went to see the bridge and he tried to cross that bridge but he realized too that the bridge was not safe at all. He cross to the other side of the city and stayed overnight there. So today that part of the city is called the Royal part of the city because the Ottoman Sultan decided to settled there and he keep his promise, he make the whole new bridge. Today that bridge people from Kratovo called the Kings bridge. Also the bridge is known as a Charshiski most, which means a public promenade bridge in the center of the city. Its construction is finished in 1804 and renovated in 1933, and today is put as a official symbol of the municipality of the city of Kratovo. Today is still in a good condition and connecting the Shajkov shop and the city mall. Welcome to visit the Royal maalo and walk down the Royal bridge, called Kings bridge that the Ottoman Sultan builded not so long ago.  In our near history Kratovo was a Royal city, only Kings and Royal important people lived there in this golden city. You are very welcome to come and visit this ancient Kings city of Kratovo, walking down on its streets and bridges build by the Kings of big Empires. Feel the Royal spirit of the old buildings ,streets and bridges. They all are Royal.



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